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Welcome to the Apex Legends Wiki

Hi there and Welcome to ApexLegendsWiki.

We are a community driven wiki for the Free-to-Play Battle Royale game Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment.

All articles and posts in this wiki are created from players, and we urge anyone to contribute with either new pages or to expand on existing posts.

Apex Legends is a battle Royale style game using parts of the original hero shooter Titanfall 2. It is taking place 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2. It is a bit different from other BR games by using "Legends," that are predefined heroes with special abilities that fall into unique roles such as Offense, Support, Defense and Reconnaissance.

All players are grouped into squads of three and each player select a different legend. Teams are matched up against 20, making it 60 players in the battlefield from the start.

When spawning all teams start without any equipment and are flown in with a “Dropship” from a random direction over the huge map. All players can fly to any spot on the map from the start, which makes it possible to apply any span technique. As soon as players enter the ground, they need to scour the map for equipment to start the fight.

A significant difference from other Battle Royale games is the ability to respawn dead players. If a player is killed and the opponent has used a finisher move on them, it is still possible for teammates to revive that player. When executed the player drops a “banner” and if a teammate recovers that banner and takes it to a special “Spawn Beacon” scattered on the map within a limited amount of time the player is revived.

Apex Legends features both a built-in voice-chat comms with squamates and an interactive and easy to use single-button communication style that lets the player ping the map for weapons, opponents or other rally points.

Apex legends is entirely free to play and is supported through microtransactions. With those transactions, the players can customize their character with cosmetic items such as skins for weapons and new voice items. Additional items can be obtained by opening “Apex Packs” (loot boxes) that offer random rewards. A player can also use in-game credits to craft materials that are gained through the Apex Packs.

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